Pre Land Purchase Due Diligence

Purchase of Land without doing due diligence can be a once in a lifetime costly exercise One of our clients emailed us a section 32 of a property they had recently purchased in Croydon and asked us to start preparing plans for the 4 – 3 bedroom dwellings. The client was comfortable with this outcome … Read more


 Checking a Title for Encumbrances An encumbrance describes a formal obligation on a block of land, the most common and frequently occurring is a mortgage. Other forms of encumbrances are listed as follows: Restrictive Covenant: a written agreement between owners of the land that restricts the manner in which it can be developed for the … Read more

Planning Permit Restrictions

There are certain Planning Permit Restrictions that apply once a planning permit has been obtained. Below is a brief explanation of some restrictions that apply When do I have to Start and Finish my Development? In most cases, you must start construction within two (2) years from the date the Planning Permit is issued. The … Read more

Property Feasibility

DSP architects provided a project feasibility service for clients which is a thorough research report investigating all opportunities and restrictions potential sites may have. This drastically reduces client’s risk when purchasing and developing a property. Often client’s ask how many units can fit on their land, unaware there are many factors that may influence their development other than simply land … Read more

Property Information

During the development process additional property information may required than first assumed. At DSP Architects we have 30 years experience in researching property information for client’s from the first instance to avoid any shocks and unforeseen expenses further down the track. We provided a project feasibility service for clients which is a thorough research report … Read more

Protection Work

Why should I protect adjoining property? What is a Protection Work Notice? Building work can adversely affect adjoining properties. An owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from this work. It is the responsibility of the relevant building surveyor to determine whether … Read more

Public Notification

What is Public Notification? A fundamental part of the Victorian planning system is to allow people affected by a planning decision to be given the opportunity to comment on what is proposed before the decision is made. These may be advertised in relevant newspapers as required. Notification normally takes the following form:- A public notice … Read more

Land Survey

A Land Survey is a common requirement for our client’s projects. Below is a description of the Land Survey’s your project may require. What is a Feature Level Survey? A Feature Level Survey is a plan required by Council showing the contours (or levels) of the land, including all features such as vegetation, fences, drains, … Read more

Building Costs

How much is my building project going to cost me? This is the question most frequently asked by our clients. At the commencement of a project it is impossible to provide you an accurate quote without having working drawings and a list of materials, fittings and fixtures. The total building costs of your new home, … Read more

Building Permit Conditions

Building Permit Conditions can influence many aspects of your project, some of the conditions your permit may have are explained below. How long is a building permit valid for? Domestic Works: A Building Permit for domestic works is valid for a maximum of 2 years. However, your Permit will expire should you not carry out … Read more