Changes To Planning Schemes

Changes To Planning Schemes The Importance Of Keeping Abreast Of Changes In The Regulations Just like cities are constantly changing and growing, so are Planning Schemes. They need to adjust and adapt to change and growth. Accordingly it is important for a designer to be aware of potential changes in the planning regulations prior to … Read more

Potential Costly Planning Mistake

A young planner’s mistake could have cost our clients $25,000 A young planning officer signed off on a planning permit for a dual occupancy in Niddrie. Upon an inspection of the planning permit conditions we noticed a condition requiring the owner to provide a stormwater retention system. We compared this condition with the Stormwater advice … Read more

How Many Units Can I Fit On My Land?

How many units can I fit on my land? is a difficult question. If this question was posed to a Council Officer, no simple answer would be provided. Council is not so much interested in how many dwellings one can fit on a property, but how well the development and design of the proposal conforms … Read more

Property Overlay

A Property Overlay can significantly impact your project. DSP Architects have 30+ years experience advising clients and designing for overlay implications. Below are a description of how some overlays may impact your project. How does a Heritage Overlay affect what I can do to my Property? Two thirds of the City of Yarra (Inner Melbourne) … Read more

Planning Overlays

Planning Overlays play a large role in determining how your land can be developed. At DSP we have 30+ years experience in designing and obtaining Planning Permits in within Planning Overlay restrictions for our clients. What is a Planning Overlay? A Planning Overlay is a restriction on the use of the land. Each overlay is … Read more

Home Extension Planning Permits

Home Extension Planning Permits A planning permit may be required to extend your home, such as build an upstairs area, a verandah or a larger living area. Any form of extension to the home may be done so with a planning permit, provided it is permissible within the zoning and overlay controls of the locality. … Read more

Planning Permit Decisions

Council’s Planning Permit Decisions are complex. At DSP, with  30+ years experience and a 100% success rate in obtaining Planing Permits for our clients, we are more than capable of guiding you through the entire Planning Permit Process   What possible decisions may the Council make about my Planning Application? Council or its delegate may … Read more

Planning Permit Process

The Planning Permit Process can be very complex and difficult to understand. At DSP Architects, we are the Planning Permit Professionals, with 30+ years of experience and a 100% success rate in obtaining permits. Below are some common questions we receive from our clients regarding the Planning Permit Process. I’ve lodged my application, what happens … Read more