Structural Engineer

The structural Engineer is a very important member of the team and is responsible for designing the building structure and to ensure that the structure complies with the Building Regulations, is safe and within acceptable standards.  Many of the onsite problems arise from ambiguities found in the Structural Engineer’s Drawings.  Fees can vary significantly depending on the size, experience and the amount of detail shown on the drawings.  In addition some engineers are known to over-design meaning that it can cost a lot more without any significant increase in benefit.

Like most things in life a balance is needed and we have formed alliances with engineers who specialise in residential architecture, are competitively priced, are readily contactable and those we have not had significant on-site problems with.


The services of the Structural Engineer typically include:

  • Liaising with Client, Architect and Building Surveyor ,
  • Providing 4 copies of complete Structural Design ,
  • Providing Form 1507 including, when applicable, footing & ground floor framing plan, first floor framing plan, roof framing plan, concrete slab plan and details, design of all lintels, roof beams, supports, floor joists, floor beams, retaining walls, porches, suspended slabs, connection details, tie-down details etc
  • Providing 3 copies of Structural Computations
  • Design of footings to accommodate movement of soil due to close proximity of trees
  • Design of footings to protect neighbours footings
  • Design of footings due to pipes in easements