Energy Assessor – 6 Star Energy Rating

This work is performed by DSP and is required as part of the Building Permit Application.  Care should be taken to ensure that the energy assessor does everything possible to save you money.  It is much easier and quicker for an energy assessor to stipulate double glazing rather than go through a detailed process of finding alternative cheaper methods of achieving the 6 star energy rating.  We have many times been engaged to perform new energy assessments and have successfully saved our clients thousands of dollars.

Our work typically includes the following:

  • Liaison with Client to obtain critical information which may affect the energy rating
  • Calculating of floor, ceiling, tiled, carpet, wall and attic areas etc
  • Inputting data into the Energy Assessment Computer Program
  • Providing separate Energy Rating Assessments for each dwelling
  • Signing and stamping plans with accreditation stamp.
  • Writing recommendations as necessary to achieve 6 star energy rating