Consultant Relevant Building Surveyor – Building Permit

Building surveyors and building inspectors are responsible for making sure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and liveable. They interact with other professionals such as engineers, architects and builders to ensure that buildings are designed and constructed to comply with building regulations. They provide advice on building legislation which could influence the design of buildings.

After the surveyor has assessed the building permit plans, ensuring they comply with legislation, a building permit is issued to get the building started.

Once building work commences, the surveyor remains involved throughout each stage, carrying out inspections or having a building inspector carry out the inspection on their behalf before giving the final stamp of approval. In the case of building new homes, these inspections are carried out prior to placing the footings, at completion of the frame, and final inspection before the occupancy permit is issued to the owner. Along the way, if the inspection fails, the building surveyor is authorised to take enforcement action where necessary against the responsible party to ensure that the works are rectified and brought into compliance.

As the building surveyor's role is primarily structural integrity and public safety of a building, the onus of workmanship and quality of material and finishes is the responsibility of the builder, but it is also up to you to check that you are satisfied with the construction process as it proceeds.

The services performed by the Building surveyor normally include:

  • Act as the Relevant Building Surveyor (hereafter referred to as “RBS”) pursuant to the provisions of the Building Act 1993 (hereafter referred to as “Act”) & Building Regulations 2006
  • Assess the building permit application under the Act and Building Code of Australia deemed to satisfy controls.
  • Collect and remit the applicable building permit levy to the Building Control Commission.
  • Conduct 4 mandatory inspections being pre-slab, reinforcement, frame & final and issue statutory directions as necessary for proper completion of works.