Consultant Civil Engineer – Drainage Design

Part of Building Permit requirements is that every development’s storm water system be properly discharged without affecting neighbours, in a manner and to a legal point of discharge as prescribed by the Responsible Authority.  Many Authorities are now requiring that an On Site detention and Retention system be designed in order to ensure that that existing drains are not over flooded.  In some cases infrastructure is not available or the level of the land is such that gravity discharge is not achievable and accordingly storm water pump systems are required.  The design of the Storm water system is done by a qualified Civil Engineer.

Their work typically includes:

  • Civil Engineering Computations and Drawings (on CAD) for stormwater drainage system
  • Stormwater & Pits design within the title property to AS 3500.3
  • On site detention system as specified in town planning permit or Legal Point of Discharge Advice
  • On site storage pits system designs with the allowance to 2000 lt. rainwater tanks
  • Pump feed system to Legal Point of Discharge
  • Applicable civil/drainage details & connections
  • Liaison with Responsible Drainage Authority
  • Provision of Certificate of Compliance (design)in  accordance with Building Act 1995 & Building Regulations.  (Independent Certification (reg 1507 for design)