Building Permit Drawings

We offer a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ and we include the following services within our building permit process

Building Permit Stage - Building Permit Drawings
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This work is prepared by DSP and is required as part of the Building Permit submission and to provide to the Builder to quote and to assist him with building the project.  A good set of Building Permit drawings is essential in minimising on-site costs and time blowouts.  Our unique quality assurance system endeavours to minimise many of the typical ambiguities and errors commonly encountered by Builders.

Our work typically includes:

  • Liaising and meeting with Client
  • Providing advice to client on the Building Permit and building process
  • Providing advice to the Client about methods to streamlining the project specification process and how they can obtain competitive quotes from Builders.
  • Briefing Consultant Structural Engineer, obtaining quote on Client’s behalf, forwarding quote to Client for authorisation and answering any questions that the Structural Engineer may have.
  • Briefing Consultant Geotechnical Engineer, and answering any questions that the Geotechnical Engineer may have.
  • Briefing Consultant Civil Engineer, obtaining quote on Client’s behalf, forwarding quote to Client for authorisation and answering any questions that the Civil Engineer may have.
  • Preparing Building Permit submission drawings and issuing Client with five copies of drawings dimensioned and drawn to scale including:

Dimensioned floor plan(s) showing floor levels, location of smoke alarms, exhaust fans, door dimensions, window dimensions, stair risers, room names, bulkheads, raked ceilings, fittings, fixtures and joinery items.

Site Plan showing title boundaries, dimensions and bearings, existing site levels, proposed site cuts, proposed floor levels, location of retaining walls, downpipes, rainwater heads, set out dimensions, north point, legal point of discharge.

A site plan showing setbacks, downpipes and will even show the stormwater system when Council does not require a stormwater retention system which needs to be designed by a specialist Civil Engineer

Elevations showing all elevations of the proposal, floor levels, proposed and existing ground lines, window and door set out and locations, eaves overhang information, external materials and finishes.

2 sections showing room names, ceiling heights, proposed levels, major construction elements, notes referring to engineer’s work and building regulations, highlight of potential problem areas for Builder, highlight of how rooms with lower ceilings comply with building regulations.

Project specification and drawing notes highlighting potential problems that Builder should be aware of, summarising documentation that needs reference, summary of relevant building regulations

3 copies of MBA General Specifications showing minimum standards of workmanship

60/60/60 Wall on Boundary Detail showing how building regulations required can be achieved

Typical Separating Wall Detail (when applicable) showing how building regulation requirements can be achieved

Brickwork Articulation Joint Detail,

Indicative Staircase Detail showing how building regulation requirements can be achieved

Bulkhead and/or Raked Ceiling Details highlighting difference in ceiling levels

  • Liaising with the relevant Building Surveyor
  • Lodging of Building Permit Documentation for Building Permit Approval.
  • Providing an Artificial Lighting Spreadsheet proving compliance with BCA Clause
  • Answering and attending to any requests for further architectural information made by the relevant Building Surveyor.