Unit Developer Surprised By Council Call

A Cautionary Tale for  Unit Developers You have just been congratulated on being the winning bidder at auction.  You have done your due diligence. You’ve checked the regulations, services, title, existing trees, etc. You have made myriad of other checks to ensure that there aren’t going to be any nasty surprises.  You have also had come concepts … Read more

Changes To Planning Schemes

Changes To Planning Schemes The Importance Of Keeping Abreast Of Changes In The Regulations Just like cities are constantly changing and growing, so are Planning Schemes. They need to adjust and adapt to change and growth. Accordingly it is important for a designer to be aware of potential changes in the planning regulations prior to … Read more

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans Cultural Heritage Management Plan Wait! Don’t go spending 20 to 30 thousand dollars on one of these until you read this! Unit Development Westmeadows We recently had a phone call from an enquirer wanting to build units in Westmeadows. After some time on the phone he indicated that he had … Read more

Pre Building Permit Due Diligence Uncovers Implied Easement

Unit Development Pascoe Vale | Implied Easements | DSP Architects

Pre Building Permit Due Diligence Uncovers Implied Easement Beware Of The Hidden Dangers! Due Diligence Pays Dividends on this Unit Development in Pascoe Vale 3 Unit Development – Pascoe Vale We were engaged by Chris to design a development on a site in Pascoe Vale. His brief was to maximise the site’s potential profitability return … Read more

Potential Costly Planning Mistake

A young planner’s mistake could have cost our clients $25,000 A young planning officer signed off on a planning permit for a dual occupancy in Niddrie. Upon an inspection of the planning permit conditions we noticed a condition requiring the owner to provide a stormwater retention system. We compared this condition with the Stormwater advice … Read more

Pre Land Purchase Due Diligence

Purchase of Land without doing due diligence can be a once in a lifetime costly exercise One of our clients emailed us a section 32 of a property they had recently purchased in Croydon and asked us to start preparing plans for the 4 – 3 bedroom dwellings. The client was comfortable with this outcome … Read more

VCAT Ruling Essendon – Common Sense Wins!

Location: 257 Pascoe Vale Road, Essendon When a council ruling effectively makes your land worthless, where do you go? A young man named Guiseppe called us out of desperation as he had just been refused a planning application to build his new home in Essendon. He had been told by Council that they would under … Read more

Subdivision Open Space Contribution Fees – Could You Save Thousands?

Subdivision Open Space Contribution Fees

PLEASE NOTE THAT COUNCILS ARE NOW REQUIRING A LEGAL OPINION FROM A LAWYER SPECIALISING IN PLANNING Developers – Would You Like To Save Thousands of Dollars On Subdivision Open Space Contribution Fees? We think you would, and there may be a way! As many developers know, council’s request a massive 5% of the land value as open … Read more

Profit From Unit Development Helps Fund Retirement

Profit From Unit Development | Melbourne | DSP Architects

It’s Never Too Late To Be Free Can profit from Unit Development help fund your retirement? Norma P, a lady in her 50’s, owned a corner block in Keilor Park.  She was contemplating selling off her back yard to a developer. She approached us to prepare a feasibility. Measurements were taken and the necessary due diligence was … Read more

Unit Development Feasibility Study Saves Our Client $200,000

Unit Development Feasibility Study Results | Melbourne | DSP Architects

How our due diligence saved our client $200,000 and unimaginable stress and anxiety! Steve B asked us to prepare a unit development feasibility study on a 600 sqm corner site in Heidelberg Heights. In order for it to be profitable he indicated that he needed 3 units. Each unit would have 3 bedrooms, the main … Read more