Unit Developer Surprised By Council Call

A Cautionary Tale for  Unit Developers You have just been congratulated on being the winning bidder at auction.  You have done your due diligence. You’ve checked the regulations, services, title, existing trees, etc. You have made myriad of other checks to ensure that there aren’t going to be any nasty surprises.  You have also had come concepts … Read more

Changes To Planning Schemes

Changes To Planning Schemes The Importance Of Keeping Abreast Of Changes In The Regulations Just like cities are constantly changing and growing, so are Planning Schemes. They need to adjust and adapt to change and growth. Accordingly it is important for a designer to be aware of potential changes in the planning regulations prior to … Read more

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans Cultural Heritage Management Plan Wait! Don’t go spending 20 to 30 thousand dollars on one of these until you read this! Unit Development Westmeadows We recently had a phone call from an enquirer wanting to build units in Westmeadows. After some time on the phone he indicated that he had … Read more