Report & Consent

In some circumstances the constraints of the site are such that a concession to the Building Regulations is required.  This siting concession is also known as a Report and Consent.  You may apply for a number of concessions relating to:

  • Decrease in setbacks from the front, side and rear of the allotment boundaries r408(3). R409(4)
  • Increase in building height r410
  • Increase in site coverage r411
  • Decrease in permeability of allotment area r412(2)
  • Reduction in car parking for a new house r413
  • Increase in walls length or height on side or rear boundaries r414(6)
  • Reduction of Daylight to existing habitable room windows r416(6)
  • Reduction of solar access to existing north-facing windows r417
  • Increase of overshadowing of recreational private open space r418(3)
  • Increase in Overlooking r419(9)
  • Reduction of daylight to habitable room windows r420(3)
  • Reduction to Private open space r421
  • Increase in Fence height and setbacks r(various)

The Report and Consent process is described in the following publication

Part of the process involves obtaining affected adjoining owner’s consent.  Unfortunately if the property is tenanted or you do not know the adjoining owner or if the adjoining owner refuses to gives his consent, then the process can blow out and take several months, leaving you paying all the holding costs without any assurances until one obtains a determination from The Building Referees tribunal.  It is important that when applying for concession that application is made for every non compliance in the Building regulations otherwise the whole process will need to be redone.

Fortunately in our many years of experience we have developed a methodology that at least saves much of the time associated with obtaining a Report and Consent.

The services include:

Liaising with the Client in relation to the process

Preparing drawings including site plan, floor plans, elevations, shadow diagrams, overlooking diagrams placing special emphasis on justifying the report and consent

Preparing Report and Consent Application

Preparing Report and Consent Justification report, including photographs, stating concessions sought and citing building regulations and showing how the proposal meets the Minister’s guidelines.

Liaising with the Statutory Building Surveyor as required

Co-ordinating the process on the Client’s behalf and keeping the Client informed of the process of the Report and Consent Application

At the time of writing the application fee for each regulation dispensation is $232.93