Protection Works Notices

Building work may sometimes adversely affect adjoining properties.  An owner who is proposing building work has obligations under the Building Act 1993 to protect adjoining property from potential damage from their work.  If the building permit is close to or adjacent to adjoining properties or if any shared adjoining fences are to be removed as a result of the proposed works, then an owner may be required to carry out protection work in respect of the adjoining property.  This is to ensure that the adjoining property is not affected or damaged by the proposed building work and if damaged that the owner pays for all damages.  The scope of our work in relation to protection works consists of:

  • Liaising with Client regarding the Protection Works Notices procedure
  • Obtaining adjoining footing information from Geotechnical Engineer or Client
  • Preparing an existing conditions report
  • Liaising with Structural Engineer regarding extent of measures and footing design in relation to the proposed Protection Works Measures.
  • Filling out and completing Form 3 “Protection Works Notice” showing extent, duration, timing and methodology of “Protection Works”
  • Partially completing Form 4 “Protection Works Response Notice”
  • Liaising with Client, Relevant Building Surveyor, Engineer & Adjoining Owner