Colour Consultancy

The right selection of your external finishes and materials can significantly enhance the value of your asset and its street appeal on the one hand and depending on the selection, reduce the cost of construction on the other.

Many of our Clients are surprised to find out that a typical planning permit requirement is to provide  “A Schedule of all external materials and a sample of all external colours” as it is so early in the process and it is one of the last things that they are expecting to deal with.  What makes it more frustrating is that to amend the colour scheme you need to apply to amend the planning permit which means another application fee and a potential delay of two to three weeks.  So in line with our philosophy of getting it right first time we offer you the service of selecting one of our time tested colour schemes or can even direct you to one of our professionally qualified interior designers.  We have access to comprehensive design showroom and professional interior design services at a fraction of the cost to that of many of our competitors.  Forget paying on a hourly rate.

The design showroom offers you a one stop location for your selections providing you with options depending on your budget.  This service is designed to streamline your time involved in the selection process and our interior designer can carefully guide you through the interior and exterior colour and material selection complimenting your personal and architectural style.