Build Over Easement

Build Over Sewer Easement Services – City West Water or Yarra Valley Water, South East Water or Council

In some circumstances when one wants to maximise the building footprint it may become necessary to build a garage or a carport over an easement.  Easements are generally located on title to allow for the provision of services (most commonly sewer and stormwater).  Sewer Authorities and Councils have very strict guidelines in relation to whether permission will be granted and if so will require a detailed specially designed footing system.  Council requires that an application form be completed, detailed plans submitted together with an appropriate fee which varies from Council to Council.  Some Councils such as Hume require that a Caveat be placed on Title which attracts a fee of around $700.

The timelines for obtaining approval for building over easements depends on whether it is a drainage easement, a sewerage easement or a combined drainage & sewerage easement.  The time taken can vary anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

It is not recommended that garages and carports be built over concrete sewer pipes as the sewer authority generally ask that the owner pay around $300 for a CCTV inspection of the pipe and will ask the owner to pay for rectification of the pipe as a condition with any build over easement permit.  Also this can delay the project by an additional 1 to 3 months.

Our services include:

  • Liaising with Client regarding the Build Over Easement procedure
  • Obtaining pipe details including pipe offset, depth and diameter.
  • Preparing a site plan drawing showing the extent of construction over the easement.
  • Preparing a section detail showing sewer pipe to proposed building footing clearances.
  • Completing Build over Easement application form.
  • Obtaining Client’s signature and Statutory Application fee.
  • Preparing application accompanying letter.
  • Making Build over Easement Application
  • Follow up by phone or email to enquire as to progress of the application
  • Providing additional information as required by the sewer Authority
  • Informing the Client on a fortnightly basis of the process of the Build over Easement Application.